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Our Most Popular Program

Let your dog spend the day with us being trained and exercised all while you work!  Our training methods work to overcome obstacles by building long lasting, emotional bonds between you and your pet. At Unleashed, we focus on training the owner, as much as or even more, as training your pet. We promise you will leave with the knowledge and tools to deepen the bond between you and your pet at home.  

You will also receive informational emails, 1-2 short homework lessons throughout the weeks, progress video posted on our Facebook page, one in facility private lesson, and written homework.

Package Prices

10 Day Package: $550 ($55/day)   15 Day Package: $795 ($53/Day)  20 Day Package: $1,050 ($52.50/day)

A 30% deposit is due at the time of booking





At Unleashed, we know just how important the first months of a dog's life are and that's exactly why we launched our Puppy Preschool

This program includes:


• Supervised playtime with other puppies, adult dogs, and humans! We keep these play groups very small with only 2 dogs at a time. At this age puppies are still developing crucial social skills like polite greetings, being gentle with their teeth, reading other dog's social cues, and growing a positive response to being around other dogs and humans! During this time, there will be a training interlude every 30 seconds. This can mean a simple collar grab, then give a treat, then back to play or a few seconds of luring into different positions then back to play! This helps with reliability when off leash, regulating arousal levels, and helps the puppy learn to think and pay attention in the midst of distractions.

• Training

Each puppy will complete multiple 15 minute positive reinforcement basic obedience training sessions a day. In puppy preschool, we will cover sit, down, ringing bells to potty, and walking well on a leash.

• Magical crate of treats and toys!

We will first work on playing multiple crate games and completing various activities in the crate. Once we think your pup has a positive conditioned emotional response developed to the crate, we will then begin working on entering the crate on cue and controlling their impulses entering and leaving the crate.

• Introduction to grooming and handling

This is going to be especially useful for grooming appointments and vet visits! During this period of Puppy Preschool, we will work on creating a positive response to opening and clothing their mouths, touching their paws, feeling their bellies, lifting their legs, and more. Once they have a positive response developed to touch, we will move onto creating a positive response to nail trims, ear cleaning, teeth wiping, and bathing. This package includes two nail trimmings, two ear cleanings, two teeth wipings, and your puppies first professional bath!

• Exploring new things

Each puppy will explore new textures, surfaces, and smells such as different textured rugs, tunnels, wobbly surfaces, scent games like brain stimulating puzzles, and more!

• Introduction to trick training and canine conditioning

• Age appropriate nap times

• Scheduled meal breaks

*For puppies under 5 months of age*

You will also receive 1-2 short homework lessons throughout the weeks, progress video posted on our Facebook page, one in facility private lesson, and written homework.

Package Prices

This program is only available in 20 consecutive business days: $999 ($49.95/Day)

A 30% deposit is due at the time of booking





This daycare add-on program is designed to create a more personalized approach at your dog's day at Unleashed.  Our Trainer will customize an activity and training program based off of your goals.  Your pet will not only participate in our regular daycare activities but they will also enjoy a 30 minute training session of your choice.

Possible Daycare Activities Include:

Puzzles & Games



Flirt Pole

Frozen Stuffed Kongs

Free Play

30 Minute Training Add-On Options Include:

Basic Obedience Possibilities: Sit, Down, Climb, Loose Leash Walk

Canine Conditioning

Trick Training

Package Prices

Daily Daycare Price: $27

Daily Training Add-On Price: $15
Total: $42





Please send us an inquiry if you are interested in our training programs or need help getting matched to a program.

Training and behavior modification backed by scientists, veterinarians, and top industry leaders.


  • All dogs must be current vaccines

  • Group play participating guests must pass  our Daycare evaluation process.